Tree Surgeon FAQ

Tree Surgeon FAQ Page. Watch my full video below. Answering our customers most frequently asked questions. Includes a breakdown below. We hope you find this useful.

Do you provide free quotations?

Yes, absolutely. All our quotes are free and we are more than happy to take a look at your trees, give you a quote, opinion and recommended tree work. However, we do charge for tree surveys and reports.

How much knowledge do you have on trees, and qualifications?

We have two estimators in the company. Myself and Jacob. We are both passionate, enjoy working with trees and have all the relevant qualifications to carry out surveys, estimates and quotes.

How quick can we carry out your work?

We usually get a quote to you within 24 hours and once you accept the quote we can get to work within around 3-4 days. This is providing there are no constraints like tree protection in place. However, we are always happy to move our diary around, we have three teams going out most days so can always make arrangements if our customers need it.

When does tree work require council permission?

We have a very good relationship with London councils after many years carrying out tree services. Most trees don’t need permission from the council to carry out work. However, if trees are within a conservation area or have a tree protection order we need to speak with the council.

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