Stump Grinding and Removal in London

We can remove or grind any species of tree stump

When a tree has been felled we can either poison it using chemicals or grind the stump out using one of our stump grinding machines. We can usually remove the stump to around 8 inches below ground level. As a general rule broadleaf trees require treatment to prevent them growing back after being cut down. If grinding the stump is not possible we can poison it.

We use heavy duty mesh guards to protect windows and any other breakable as well as to ensure there is as little dust and mess as possible.

Our machines fit through most regular size doors but in some circumstances we will opt to dig out or up root a stump if access is a problem.

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Can a tree still grow back after being poisoned or the stump being ground out?

Generally no but some species can prove especially resilient, in these cases we can return to re-poison or further excavate the stump if required.