• Tree Reports and Advice

Tree reports and advice

We carry out tree reports and provide written advice. This can be for a range of scenarios but usually safety considerations are paramount. We provide professional advice by letter and email, this is charged at an hourly rate. It’s best to call us to determine your needs and if we can help. If we can’t help, then we might know someone who can.

Tom is qualified in matters relating trees in relation to buildings (subsidence, heave and direct damage from roots)

We regularly liaise with local authorities and around a third of our jobs involve tree work applications which we submit online via planningportal.

Q – Do I need a tree report?

A – Usually no, a written quote is adequate. If there’s nothing to do, you don’t pay. Tree reports are more in depth and structured than quotes, they provide a higher level of analysis. Where Council planning applications are required (1AAP) we would refer you to a specialist surveyor.

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