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Yesterday our team took on this beast in the heart of London. Nothing major, just a light reduction focusing mainly on some limbs overhanging the neighbouring buildings and some overextended sections of the crown. On a sunny day, theres nothing better.
Camden Gardens

Tree Surgery, Commercial Tree Surgery, Tree Pruning

Today we had quite an interesting Robinia to prune. We had originally applied to the council to have this tree removed due to the excessive dieback throughout the crown but our application was denied. Sometimes the local authorities would prefer we removed the dead, dying and dangerous branches along with some light pruning to see how the tree responds over the coming years. Hat's off to the team who worked on this one which was by no means an easy day.
Park Road

Tree Surgery, Tree Pruning

Lots of clients are contacting us at the moment to ask if we can help maximise the amount of sun they get into their inner city gardens without having to remove any of their beloved trees. This Cherry tree reduction from a few weeks back is a prime example of how we can help. This tree was in the rear garden of a property with no side access so great care was taken to remove the brash through the house without causing any damage. The garden was flooded with natural light upon completion and the tree retained it's natural shape.
Frederick Street
Central London

Tree Surgery, Tree Pruning

Back in the winter we removed this mature dead Oak tree for a local school in Ealing. Due to the trees condition and proximity to the public highway, the safest option was to use Wallace Timbers grapple saw and Hiab arm to avoid rigging large brittle sections of the crown. Team leader Ross climbed the main stem once the crown was removed to tackle the final sections of timber.
Carlton Road

Tree Surgery, Stump Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Removal, Commercial Tree Surgery

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When’s the best time to prune trees?

It’s best not to prune trees during spring, when the ‘sap is rising’ to enable the leaves to flush (come out) and photosynthesis to begin, or during the autumn, when the tree is drawing nutrients back into itself from the leaves as they go brown. During these times trees can be more vulnerable to pest and disease attack.

Pruning during Autumn means the tree will not be able to get all the nutrients that it needs for the next spring and the tree may be put under unnecessary stress, increasing the likelihood of disease.