Tree Pruning Across London

Is your tree in need of a beautiful trim? Get a long-lasting professional cut that will save you money.

We provide tree pruning, tree trimming and tree reductions for any species of tree in London.

Unpruned trees can cause you the following problems:

  • Overgrown tree limbs will begin to overcrowd other species of tree. Which isn’t aesthetically pleasing.
  • Blocking natural light to your home or garden. If you have other trees or plants in your garden an overgrown tree can block out the essential light needed.
  • Large limbs that become overgrown could be in danger of snapping during storms or windy weather. Causing costly damage to it’s surroundings.

As a company, we adhere to British Standards for tree work 3998:2010

Tree Pruning Service

We provide a fast, friendly and quality service. We love your trees and take good care of them during any pruning work.

Tree Pruning Cost?

The best way to get an accurate cost for any tree pruning work is to contact us via the contact form. We are always happy to provide you an competitive quote without beating around the bush.

Pruning Techniques

  • Cleaning
  • Thinning
  • Raising
  • Reduction

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When’s the best time to prune trees?

It’s best not to prune trees during spring, when the ‘sap is rising’ to enable the leaves to flush (come out) and photosynthesis to begin, or during the autumn, when the tree is drawing nutrients back into itself from the leaves as they go brown. During these times trees can be more vulnerable to pest and disease attack.

Pruning during Autumn means the tree will not be able to get all the nutrients that it needs for the next spring and the tree may be put under unnecessary stress, increasing the likelihood of disease.