Tree Surgeon Near Me: The Challenges of Tree Work in Spring

Tree Surgeon Near Me The Challenges of Tree Work in Spring

The jobs might get shuffled around during this time of year but it’s a small price to pay in the wider scheme of things. We at Tom Boswell Tree Services, check cavities in trees with great care this time of year. Good thing we did in this tree, since this woodpecker was peacefully living inside!

Woodpeckers tap on tree trunks in order to find insects living in the bark, they also do this to excavate nest cavities. These birds originally eat insects,fruit,acorns and nuts. They are a global creature that are found particularly in wooded areas.

The only places on earth that does not have woodpeckers are Australia and New Zealand. Both male and female woodpeckers help each other to excavate in a tree to incubate (sit on) eggs for two weeks. When the eggs hatch, the woodpeckers are blind and featherless. The new woodpeckers usually leave the nest after 25-30 days.

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