Chiswick – Giant Japanese Maple!




Sam and James did a marvellous job on one of the biggest Japanese Maples we’ve seen, in Chiswick, London. Sam had pruned this Maple 3 years ago but judging by the regrowth and vitality of the tree it was certainly planted in a happy place.

It’s always satisfying to get continuity in caring for trees and it was great Sam had the opportunity to return to this Maple.

Japanese Maples are usually small trees that flower in early to mid spring. Most of them grow very slowly. They are perfect in a smaller garden or grown in big containers. Japanese Maples can attain the height of 8-9 meters in fifty years depending on cultivar. These types of tress should be planted in the Autumn and kept in a sheltered area with some sun exposure. They are very easy to maintain, a perfect plant to have in your garden, by your front door or even inside providing it is getting enough light and water.

The perfect type of soil to grow a Japanese Maple tree is moderately acidic, sandy and well drained. These trees will not indulge wet, dry or alkaline conditions. These trees are perfect for growing in a small and compact space, because they tend to have fibrous roots which ensures they are not too crowded.

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